West Greenland 4 days/3 nights

Ilulissat – Eqi Sermia – Ilimanaq
Perfect to combine with tour to Iceland

Greenland is a huge island, but 85% is covered with big ice cap leaving only a small part of it possible build on – there is very littlesoil, so houses are on top of rocks. This is the reason why it is only possible to travel with boats between locations – there is no road system, so transportation is completely different from what you are used to!
A trip to Ilulissat is all about the nature and the nature is breathtaking – so pure and unspoiled. Sailing in between the icebergs and visit the tiny villages is an adventure to remember. Greenland and its inhabitants are so different from the rest of the world and the ancient culture and way of living is still practiced in the more remote areas.

  • Ilulissat village, typical for Greenland
  • A day tour by boat to the Eqi Sermia, the calving glacier. Full day excursion.
  • To Ilimanaq Lodge by boat, incredible nature scenario on the way!
  • Sail among huge icebergs – seals and/or whales are commonly seen
  • Extraordinary accommodation in Ilimanaq – all cabins with sea view.

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In the morning direct flight from Reykjavik or Copenhagen to Ilulissat, Greenland (international flight is not included in price offer).  Transport from airport to hotel by hotel shuttle. Check in to hotel and walk around the town at own leisure.
Meals:  Dinner

08:30 Departure from hotel to the Harbour for the Eqi day tour.  The tour is in total approximately 10 hours although the distance is only 80 km to the calving glacier of Eqi Sermia. Duration of the tour depends on the boat and condition of sea and wind.
Boat used are modern and convenient boats. The route goes north along the coast passing Bredebugt, the settlement of Oqaatsut and the big fiord system called Pakitsoq, where whales and seals often are seen. Further on through the Ataa Strait, which is surrounded by steep mountains with bird life and waterfalls. Our ice secured boats lie approximately 2 hours in front of the glacier and wait for the ice to calve, while a delicious lunch is served on the boat. Upon the return to Ilulissat, transport to hotel.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Transfer to the harbor for the boat tour to Ilimanaq.
You arrive to Ilimanaq Lodge with 30 minutes transportation by boat following the border of the UNESCO heritage site of Ilulissat Icefiord. This is where all the huge icebergs are stuck for your convenience. This route might be the most scenic route to a lodge you will ever find! When arriving to Ilimanaq Lodge you will be greeted by our staff and a luggage service will help you with your bags. Go to the reception in the old, black log house to collect your key and continue on the wooden paths to your cabin. A moment of relaxation is in place.

All cabins in Ilimanaq Lodge are designed to blend in with the landscape. The black roof and the greenish surface of the outer walls compliment the Greenlandic heaver and coastal cliffs. The sloping roof is covered with solar panels which produce energy for your electricity and indoor heating. The surprisingly modern interior contrasts the settlement but contains an atmosphere that allows you to lean back and relax to the sound of whales passing by. The cabin is built with two floors and a huge panorama window that covers them both, meaning that you will wake up with excellent, unspoiled view to the ocean and sit in your living room with the same. On the lower level you will find a bathroom with running water heated by solar energy and the cabins living room with comfortable furniture.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You will need to carry your bag from the harbor and up the stairs where the luggage service begins, so you must be able to carry your own luggage. You probably do not need your entire luggage on this trip anyway, so leave a bag behind at your hotel in Ilulissat.

It takes about 30 min to travel by boat from Ilimanaq to Ilulissat – please ask the captain to call a taxi for when you are 10 minutes from the harbor. Pick up your luggage if you have kept any in Ilulissat -and please notice the 15 min ride by taxi  to the airport is at your expense.
Be in Ilulissat 2 hours before your departure of flight to Reykjavik or Copenhagen.
Meals: Breakfast.

Prices p/p in Euros, for 2 p travelling together, sharing room

Travel Period Dbl share p/p Sgl suppl Hotels Type of travel
June, Jyly, August From 1.475 375 3* Shared services, small groups

Type of Travel: vforvacation offers two types of travel

a) Shared services which means “seat in coach” basis tours with multinational fellow travelers’ groups.
b) Private services which means that all arrangements and land services are on individual basis.

Single supplement: Cost of Single supplement is only valid on a basis of minimum 3 paying passengers travelling together.
For Solo travelers on private service tours, rates should be recalculated and proposed to you by mail.

  • Accommodation
    Ranges Location Hotel Names Room Type
    3* Ilulissat Hotel Icefjord Explorer deluxe room
    Ilimanaq Ilimanaq lodge Private cabin
  • Meals
    Breakfast x 3 / Lunch x 2 / Dinner x 3
  • Guides
    English speaking guide shared with others in the group.
  • Transportation
    Shuttle bus from airport to hotel, boat tours.  All shared tours, but groups are small.
  • International air tickets
  • Taxi ride to/from hotel – harbor
  • Personal items
  • Drinks during meals
  • Personal activities or optional trips
  • In case of more travelers or groups please request especially and we’ll send you our proposal by email.
  • For special groups and custom made programs please request and we’ll send you our proposal by email.
  • This tour can be lengthened or shorten as per request.
  • Optional additional tours and service, not included in price and must be booked in advance – you will have price quote at the time of booking.

Notes about travel to Greenland
The remote location and island status of Greenland means that virtually all items must be imported; hence, even everyday items cost more than they do in Iceland or Denmark (which Greenland is a part of) or are simply sold out during your stay.  Accommodations tend to be small in size, due to high cost of importing building materials.  Repairs might also take a while, due to spare parts or tools being imported.
Please keep in mind that the Greenlandic travel infrastructure is not comparable with Western standards and service is often more relaxed then you will find elsewhere.  Most towns and villages have limited resources of planes, boats, helicopters and guides, so even with the best preparation possible, unexpected events can change your travel plans, such as flights not being on time, sudden weather changes or last-minute cancellations of other participants, leading to a specific tour not reaching the minimum.
We can therefore not completely exclude uncertainties or minor inconveniences, but as soon as you adapt to the lack of haste in Greenland, you will find the country a fascinating and breathtaking destination.
The Greenlandic people remain in many ways, unaffected by the influence of the Western culture and true to their own customs. As a result of this you may see things that you do not personally agree with, but which form a part of the culture and customs in Greenland. This may come in the form of food offered in restaurants, items for sale or the way the locals treat their dogs, which some people may find disturbing. It is important to remember that the dogs are working animals and not pets. However, you will find the people of Greenland very friendly and that generous hospitality has deep roots in the society.

Practical Information about Greenland

Climate: Greenland is the world’s largest island at 2.2 million sq.km.  It boasts the Northern Hemisphere’s largest ice sheet –which cover 85 percent of its total area.  The Greenland climate is arctic to sub-arctic, but the distance between north and south means there are tremendous differences in temperature and climate. Thanks to a very dry air, cool summers feel surprisingly comfortable.
In general, summer temperatures are highest inland and coolest along the coasts. But you will be surprised to know that warm + 20° C days are not uncommon during the summer!

What to wear: It is best to be prepared by wearing ”layered” clothing. The outer layer should be wind and waterproof. Gloves and hats are recommended when sailing. It is a good idea to wear solid boots, waterproof shoes or rubber boots with a solid sole in the summer and winter. Clothing tends to be casual in Greenland and acceptable also in finer restaurants.

Currency: Danish Krone (DKK).

Accepted Credit / Debit Cards and ATMs: These cards are valid at banks or ATMs although we advise you to carry some cash as not all shops accept foreign credit cards: VISA, VISA PLUS-card, VISA Electron, Euro cheque card, Eurocard/Mastercard.
Traveler’s checks are usually not accepted in Greenland.

Electricity: 220 voltages is standard (as in much of Europe). You may want to bring an adapter.

Time Zones: There is a four hour difference between Copenhagen and Greenland (Kangerlussuaq). When it is 10.00 am in Greenland it is 14.00 in Copenhagen and 2 hours difference between Iceland and Greenland There is a two hour difference between the American East Coast and Greenland. When it is 10:00 am in Greenland it is 8:00 am EST in Baltimore.

Communication: Greenland has a modern telecommunications infrastructure, and it is possible to access the internet at most hotels and many net cafes, but it can be expensive if you have to buy access.

Entering the country: Although Greenland is a part of Denmark, a Schengen visa is not valid to travel to Greenland.  It needs to be specifically marked “Valid for Greenland” on the visa (if the Schengen visa is issued by a Danish Embassy and valid for Greenland).
Valid travel ID or passport must be shown, when entering and leaving Greenland. American citizens do not require a visa for trips shorter than 3 months.

Import restrictions: Greenland is not considered a European Union country. Information on what you can bring into the country is available in airports – although drugs, weapons, living animals – including pets and birds are not allowed.
NB: From January 1, 2011 it is forbidden to bring any form of beer, wine and spirits with you when entering Greenland.

Export restrictions: It is illegal to import any art or artifact created from a marine mammal, including whalebone, walrus tusks (ivory) and narwhal tusks (also ivory) into the USA. For more information, contact a local tourist office.

Porterage Service (Baggage and Luggage): There is no luggage porterage service available at hotels and other accommodation in Greenland. Compared to other countries, Greenlandic hotels are small, and this service is simply not available.  We always advise that you should pack light. A good rule of thumb is to bring no more than what you can comfortably carry between the bus and your hotel room.

Only 1.475 / person

4 Days

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